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Ask me anything   [Arashian and Klainer]


ARASHI BLAST in Hawaii Clear file


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Sakurai’s opening greetings♥

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I used to be self-conscious about my height, but then I thought, f**k that, I’m Harry Potter. Happy Birthday Daniel! (July 23rd)

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this gotta be my fav solo perf of sho ever; for troublemakerstorm <3

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'Oh God I can't tell her!'

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"Wake up every morning and tell yourself that you’re a badass bitch from hell and that no one can fuck with you and then don’t let anybody fuck with you."
Kate Nash’s advice to college students  (via einhorny)

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P!nk talking about Stupid Girls [2/2]

Don’t play dumb, even if they want you to.

Props to her for pointing out problematic behavior without putting down the women in general.

"Talk shit about these girls"

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